Super Mario Bros 2 – Brett vs Chris!

Hot on the heels of our Super Mario 64 10-Star Throwdown, Brett and Chris will go head to head in Super Mario Bros. 2, in anxious anticipation of the NES Mini!

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Everybody’s Gone To Rapture – Let’s Do This

Join us for our weekly stream that we do every Tuesday starting at 3PM Pacific Time. Today’s games? We’re trying out this week’s newest release, Everybody’s Gone To Rapture, and there may be a retro surprise as well… [UPDATE: Stream… Read more

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Rare Replay – Let’s Do This!

Join us for our weekly stream that we do every Tuesday starting at 3PM Pacific Time. Today’s game? We’re diving deep into the impressive collection of classic games from our old favorite developer, Rare… [UPDATE: Rare Replay gameplay embedded below… Read more

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Cape Crisis #148 – The Magic Mike Gambit

Henry, Chris, Dave, and Brett reconvene to talk about Magic Mike and Gambit problems, Dave enjoying his homework, Henry’s newest super love, fantastic Denny’s food, and your spoiler-y answers about Ant-Man…

Cape Crisis #135 – Damaged Tattoos

Henry and Chris have read more comics than usual this week, including one of the most epic Batman vs Joker throw downs ever. Then they go to some heavily Joker-ized news, plus talk about the upcoming Free Comic Book Day,… Read more

Cape Crisis #122 – Venture A Guess

Henry, Chris, and our dear friend Anne Lewis get together this week to talk about a superhero-free week of reading, reactions to the Fantastic Four trailer, and then we have a very special PSA about why every comic book fan… Read more

Cape Crisis #121 – The Ultimate Secret Reboot?

Get ready for positive energy and comic books talk, because Henry, Chris, and Brett are back together and ready to be totally on-topic! We cover Spider-Verse, Venture Bros., Absolute Vision, Marvel’s Secret Wars shake-up, a superhero spotlight on The Beyonder,… Read more

Cape Crisis #108 – Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Henry and Chris are rocking the mic together for another stupendous episode where we talk about meeting famous comic artists, taking a walk around an old fashioned comic book store, depressing drug dealers, free stand-up in a park, and even… Read more

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Cape Crisis #95 – Fantastic No More?

Could Marvel shelve the Fantastic Four out of corporate spite? And what about what happened in Original Sin this week? All of that and much more, including all of your thoughts on Days of Future Past…

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Cape Crisis #93 – Attack of the Subtitles

This time Henry and Chris are joined by Dave, and there’s a ton to talk about. Titles for far off films, new trailers, lots of comic book rumors, and stupid comments by David Goyer…

Cape Crisis #88 – The Amazing Baby 2

As we still recover from Winter Soldier, we talk about Evian commercials, some new footage of Days of Future Past, classic manga, and some deep thoughts on important subjects…

Cape Crisis #87 – HAIL HYDRA

We have too much to talk about this week, including a totally packed second half where we discuss Winter Soldier. We also talk about finishing Animal Man, Hardee’s vs Carl’s Jr., early Amazing reviews, and way more…

Cape Crisis #86 – Turtles Have Lips Now?

Another high energy episode this week, as Henry and Chris discuss important things like the new Ninja Turtles trailer, Chris reading a hero he’s never experienced before, the power of masks, and way, way more…

Cape Crisis #85 – The Hall of Justice

Brett is back with Henry and Chris to talk about the joys of jury duty, then we dissect internet celebrity, the new Green Goblin design, and the qualities of TV mustaches…

Cape Crisis #84 – Birthday Boy

Chris wants to “celebrate his birthday” this week, but we still found some time for a not insubstantial podcast this week. We discuss important matters like Archie, Peanuts, character designs, and other things that are definitely worth listening to…