Cheap Popcast #43 – We’re From Hollywood

With the final big show before WrestleMania in the books, Dave, Henry, and Chris discuss Fastlane and Raw’s fallout (while Dave discusses “Give Divas a Chance” and ‘Mania’s ladder match). Later on, the trio discusses Hollywood sports entertainers who were… Read more

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Cheap Popcast #33 – Champs and Geniuses

Dave, Chris, Henry, and Grimm chat about the hot start and dull end to WWE Night of Champions before researching the rare “smarter than you” subset of wrestlers. Additionally, Dave discusses the post-NOC episode of Raw.

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Cheap Popcast #31 – SummerShock

Special guest Dan Ryckert joins Dave, Henry, and Brett as the foursome discusses the SummerSlam LA experience, Brock Lesnar, and weird wrestler shock jock interviews.

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Cheap Popcast #18 – Big Toys For Big Boys

Dave, Henry, Brett, and Grimm unify to talk about TLC 2013’s merger of world titles before Dave chats up the next night’s Raw and WWE’s holiday slowdown. After that, the group reconvenes again to talk about what Christmas is all… Read more

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