Yooka-Laylee – Let’s Do This!

REJOICE, N64 FANS! After two decades, the 3D platforming collectathon formula Rare ran into the ground makes its triumphant return to consoles. Join us for this nostalgic moment brought back to life by 74,000 Kickstarter backers. Today at 3PM Pacific… Read more

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Ys Origin live stream – watch the Ys ExpertYs

First released on FRIGGIN’ WINDOWS XP in 2006, Ys Origin is now available on PS4. Why this has come to pass is beyond me, but hey, as a giant Ys dorkass I’m ready to finally dive into this decade-old prequel.

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Monday Race – SMB3 World 4

Can you believe the BULLSHIT of World 3? That goddamn fish ate swallowed me whole like 50 friggin’ times and let’s not forget the, uh, other things that were not my fault and led to Chris taking an early lead… Read more

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Dead Rising 4 – Let’s Do This!

The Last Guardian isn’t the only big December release! We’re returning to war with Frank West as we bludgeon hundreds of zombies with weird combo weapons and you can watch the carnage LIVE with us starting at 3PM PST on… Read more

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The Last Guardian – Let’s Do This!

It hasn’t even been a week since Final Fantasy XV and we’re getting hit with another game we’ve been anxiously awaiting for years. Completing the Ico trilogy (if that’s what we’re calling it) at long last, it’s The Last Guardian!… Read more

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Super Mario Bros. – Brett vs Chris

Once again, two Nintendo nerds go head head-to-head simultaneously! Brett and Chris have duked it out in Super Mario 64, Super Mario Bros 2, but now it’s time to test their strength in a much more difficult classic. It’s the… Read more

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Watch Dogs 2 – Let’s Do This!

Ubisoft’s latest stab at open world mayhem comes to our fair city! Join Brett and Chris as we tear through San Francisco in Watch Dogs 2. Today at 3PM Pacific (6PM Easterm)

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Monster in my Pocket LIVE SCREAM plus Sonic Utopia

We’ve streamed ghosts, goblins, spooks and skeletons all month, but where are the MONSTERS? Well, today we’re running all the way through NES sorta-classic Monster in my Pocket before the excuse of “It’s almost Halloween” runs its course! But BEFORE… Read more

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SPOOPSTREAM – Mr Bones Sings the Blues

Finally! Your CONSTANT requests for a game starring a blues-singing skeleton have been granted. Or rather, they were granted 20 years ago back in fall 1996. To honor Bones-san’s memory – and in celebration of Halloween – we’re gonna stream… Read more

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Castlevania 30th birthday speed FUN

Look, I’m no expert at the first Castlevania. But I can hang and get through it eventually so if you want to watch and reminisce about this once-great series today at 3pm Pacific, please do so on our Twitch page…. Read more

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XCOM 2 on Console: Watch Us Play!

The original XCOM made a brilliant tactical move to PlayStation and Xbox, but can the crazier strategy sequel pull off a move to Xbox One and PlayStation 4? Watch us play XCOM 2 on Xbone!

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Watch Us Play Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst LIVE!

The prequel to Mirror’s Edge is the last big game before E3, so we’re playing it just in time for gaming to announce its biggest news of the year. But how has the futuristic parkour hold up on current gen systems?… Read more

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