Laser Time – 80s and 90s Superheroes

While the big comic book movies usually star superheroes that have been around before your grandpa, a few creations of our youth have made their mark, too. We run through every modern superhero that you should know!

By DaverTime | 13

Cape Crisis #66 – No Thanks to Hanks

In the spirit of DC’s month of villains, the show compromised by evil in Henry’s absence. Battle of the Atom, Spidey 2099, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and because we’re exclusively about comic books, The Princess Bride and NFL highlights!

By C.Ant | 15

Cape Crisis #65 – Makeover Time!

Henry, Chris and Brett have a late night talk about infinities, Batwomen, redesigned spacemen, and we briefly touch on Cape Crisis’ fave subject, Newsroom…