Badass Ladies of Cinema – Laser Time #371

In honor of Women’s History Month, we thought there’s never been a better time to be hooked on heroines! Gear up for your viewing of Captain Marvel with a breezy look back at the fiercest broads in action movie history…

By C.Ant | 7

Movie Truck Power Rankings — What’s the Toughest?

Are you the kind of person who hates NFL power rankings, those seemingly arbitrary lists ranking all the NFL teams from strongest to weakest via poorly constructed arguments, barely-there facts, and bone-headed opinions? They seem to exist only to generate… Read more

By LaserTimeContributor | 13

The Ultimate E3 2015 Pre-order Guide

Hyped for what’s being shown at E3? Did you miss a big announcement? You can pre-order it all right here! UPDATED WITH THE NEWS FROM NINTENDO AND SQUARE ENIX’S PRESS CONFERENCE

By Hank | 7

Cape Crisis #138 – Wanna Take Ya For A Ride

Henry and Chris convene early (1pm) to record this week, catching up on Mad Max: Fury Road, Convergence and Secret Wars, new series discoveries, The Flash’s season finale, new DC rides, leaked Jokers, and your answers to last week’s Question… Read more