Hank Hill & George Liquor Talk UFC In The Weirdest Ad Ever

The Venn Diagram between 1990s animation buffs and mixed-martial arts fans may show barely any crossover, but we’re still glad to see Hank Hill sharing a beer with George Liquor while discussing the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s landmark 200th PPV.

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EA UFC 2 – Let’s Do This!

Head into the Octagon with Mike Tyson, CM Punk, Bruce Lee, and your favorite Laser Time bros as we throw down in EA UFC 2 live on Twitch at 3PM PST and on YouTube forever after! We promise you’ll enjoy… Read more

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6 Reasons Brock Lesnar Is Re-Signing with the WWE

Big news has hit the wrestling world, folks! The reigning, defending, undisputed WWE heavyweight World Champion… has decided to stick with the WWE a bit longer by signing a multi-year contract.

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EA Sports UFC Live Stream at 5:00PM today!

Think you can step to us, breh?! At 5:00PM PST, Dave and Chris will stream this week’s biggest release, EA Sports UFC and their in-game creations will battle in the Octagon!

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