Starship Troopers – 11/6 Monday Night Movie

We’re from Laser Time and we say kill ’em all! Join us LIVE as we watch Starship Troopers (with special guest Brett Elston) at a special start time of 6:30PM PST on Monday, November 6!

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Hot Rod – Monday Night Movie 8/28!

We’re closing out August with a HOT movie. Particularly, Hot Rod, as the weird Andy Samberg stuntman movie turns 10, we’ll be doing a LIVE commentary at 6PM PST on Monday, 8/28. Cool beans!

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Shin Godzilla – Monday Night Movie 8/7

For our first August Monday Night Movie, we’re watching the King of the Monsters with our resident King of King of the Monsters fandom! Join us at our special start time of 630PM PST as we commentate LIVE over Shin… Read more

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The Simpsons Movie – Monday Night Movie 7/10!

To celebrate the upcoming 10th anniversary of Our Favorite Family’s movie debut, we’re doing a joint Laser Time Patreon / Talking Simpsons Patreon event, featuring Chris, Dave, Bob, and Hank discussing The Simpsons Movie LIVE with you! Read on for… Read more

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Batman & Robin – Monday Night Movie!

Are you ready for the most campy (non-Adam West) version of Batman? CHILL OUT and watch Batman & Robin with Chris, Dave, and our resident Comic Book Guy Henry Gilbert LIVE at 6PM PST on Monday, June 26 or catch… Read more

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Spaceballs – Monday Night Movie!

What you got is what we need and all we do is dirty deeds, via LIVE commentary for the 1987 classic Spaceballs! Join Chris, Dave, and Talking Simpsons Patreon guests Henry Gilbert and Bob Mackey at 6PM PST on Monday,… Read more

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Monday Night Movies – June 2017 Schedule

June may be a big month for games, but we’re celebrating some movies too! Check out the flicks we’ll be watching this month LIVE with the Laser Time community!

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Monday Night Movie: April 2017 Schedule!

We ain’t foolin, there’s some great Monday Night Movies on tap for April. Check out the dates and movies we’ll be doing LIVE commentary for this month!

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Raising Arizona – Monday Night Movie!

The movie that put the Coen Brothers on the map turns 30 this month, so we’re celebrating by doing a LIVE commentary of one of the funniest movies ever! Join us at 6PM PST for all the fun or catch… Read more

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