A Very Metal Christmas: 16 Songs for Rockin’ Out

So you like the holidays, but aren’t a fan of Christmas music because it just isn’t metal enough. Do you wish the Twelve Days of Christmas was actually turned up to 11? Disappointed that Jingle Bell Rock isn’t really a… Read more

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Laser Time – HATE Songs!

No more Mr. Nice Podcasters! This time, we’re doing away with guilty pleasures and running through songs that make our blood boil from pop punk to cheesy rap to butt rock. Join in and embrace the anger!

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Sierra Entertainment’s Silliest Theme Songs

Video game theme songs have been around for quite some time, but none were as terrible memorable as those from Sierra’s CD-ROM games from the 90s. With the advent of CD-ROM drives in home computers, developers had access to loads… Read more

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VGMpire episode 79 – Pokemonth DS

Rocktober continues with two more episodes, highlighting the GBA and DS eras. That means RSE / HGSS / DPP / BW are all in the mix! Download over at VGMpire

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