Cheap Popcast #49 – Locked in a Pod…cast

The Cheap Popcast crew lock themselves in a pod(cast) together to discuss the mostly disappointing Elimination Chamber card while discussing the future of NXT and TNA, while Dave rags on Raw’s meager developments.

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Cheap Popcast #45 – F–k, Marry, WrestleMania

WrestleMania was in Cheap Popcast’s neighborhood, so Dave, Hank, Grimm, and Brett recount the highs and lows of attending NXT’s biggest event yet and possibly the best WrestleMania ever. A special guest joins the gang to talk about Raw and… Read more

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Cheap Popcast #44 – Predict-amania!

WWE has all but finalized the WrestleMania card, so we’ve declared open season on predictions! Dave, Henry, Brett, and Chris discuss their hopes (and sad expectations) for each match, while also discussing their ‘Mania week plans, NJPW, and the must-watch… Read more

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Cheap Popcast #43 – We’re From Hollywood

With the final big show before WrestleMania in the books, Dave, Henry, and Chris discuss Fastlane and Raw’s fallout (while Dave discusses “Give Divas a Chance” and ‘Mania’s ladder match). Later on, the trio discusses Hollywood sports entertainers who were… Read more

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Cheap Popcast # 41 – Royally Screwed Up

Dave, Henry, Brett, and Grimm talk about the soaring highs and depressing lows of this year’s Royal Rumble before running through the always-awful Pay-Per-View theme songs. Chris also stops by to talk about the snowed-in Raw and Fast Lane’s potential.

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Cheap Popcast # 37 – Thanksgiv-Sting

The WWE’s Thanksgiving tradition delivered great matches and a greater debut, so Dave, Grimm, and Tyler Wilde (in his Popcast debut) break down the Survivor Series. After Dave discusses Raw and TLC prospects, the gang reconvenes to chat about WWE’s… Read more

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Cheap Popcast #35 – Hell of a Show

Dave, Chris, and Henry discuss the surprisingly good Hell in a Cell show as well as a longer-than-usual break covering the post-PPV Raw before moving onto the songs today’s superstars had before they were famous.

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