The Best J-Horror Movies and Where to Watch Them

The Japanese film industry has been in a rough place these last few years. It seems to have mostly abandoned the auteur-friendly culture of the early 2000s in favor of more financially lucrative but artistically demoralizing trends; overproduced, committee-crafted adaptations… Read more

By Greg Moore | 10

2016 Horror Film Recommendations, Part Deux

What’s going on, Laser Timers? Springtime is upon us, and so is another round of horror movie recommendations. I have a pretty solid list that includes zombies, vampires, comedies, and thrillers, all guaranteed to give you good times, or you… Read more

By moan4stalone | 2

5 Great Geek Shows You Should Be Watching

So you’ve seen all of Doctor Who, binged Orphan Black, watched the hell out of Game of Thrones, and occasionally dropped in for The Walking Dead. What’s next? What’s left on the list of great geek TV? Well, some shows… Read more

By LaserTimeContributor | 8