Ranking Every Rocky Opponent From Worst To Best

With the original underdog boxing story approaching its 40th anniversary and the seventh film in the series hitting theaters, we’re rocking every major opponent for Rocky Balboa throughout his (mostly) knockout franchise.

By DaverTime | 11

5 Reasons Creed Could Fail

So the new trailer for the seventh film in the Rocky franchise, simply titled “Creed,” was just released, and let’s just say I was not impressed. At all! I present to you several reasons why this film is just not… Read more

By LaserTimeContributor | 14

Vidjagame Apocalypse 101 – Direct-to-PSP Movie Games

Returning to business as usual after last week’s three-hour explodaganza, we’re kicking this week’s show off with a look at five movie-to-game adaptations that, for whatever reason, only ever appeared on PSP. Then it’s on to some talk about Dragonball… Read more

By Wikiparaz | 36