Stolen Soundtracks – Laser Time #388

Video games have pioneered so very many things in the realm of pop culture. So… it’s a difficult question to ask: Is music NOT one of them? Grab the buds and/or phones, because we’re exploring a bit of a tough… Read more

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The Original Overshadowed Super Stars – Laser Time #387

Kermit, Mario, Mickey. Throughout history, certain characters have become so popular, they become the default mascot spokes-things for their respective companies. This is not about those characters. This is about the once mighty icons who were relegated to the background… Read more

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Sonic Forces – Let’s Do This

With so much goodwill built up by Sonic Mania, the Blue Blur’s brand has never been hotter. Will Sonic Forces squander that heat or lean into for a new 3D Sonic experience? Find out as grown men brave the fury… Read more

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Sonic Mania – Watch Us Play!

Sonic Mania is the Hedgehog’s greatest game in over a half-decade, so we’re celebrating by streaming the blue blur’s best effort LIVE on Twitch at 3PM PST!

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The Redemptive Powers of Lego Dimensions

Perhaps combining dozens of beloved IP into one package isn’t Lego Dimensions greatest superpower? After looking at the new levels and minifigs, it looks as if the game can offer gaming’s biggest tragedies another lease on life…

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Watch As Mario Joins Sonic Generations!

Who needs Sonic Generations in our weekly Nintendo livestream when you can replace him with Mario? Check out this sexy new mod in today’s sexy video. You can see it live today at 3PM PST on Twitch or catch the archive… Read more

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Laser Time – Who is Immortal?

From Superman to Gandalf to Jason Vorhees, there are many iconic characters that will live forever, but who is truly impervious to death?! Join your pals at Laser Time as we question the mortality of EVERYONE…

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25 Mario Kart Clones in TWO MINUTES

From the good, to the bad, to the downright shameful, get ready to see more recognizable characters in a single sitting than you ever thought possible!

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Laser Time – Villainous Themes

Pop culture’s best baddies should always have a killer theme song. Can you guess the famous villains from their equally famous music?

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