The Best Movies of 2021 – Laser Time #434

Pigs and Spiders at the Vista Del Mar! Hope that’s not giving anything away, since Laser Time’s annual tardy tradition of chiming in on the year’s best cinematic offerings has finally arrived! Listen, watch, chat, Patreon, etc. DOWNLOAD SPONSOR: This episode… Read more

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The Post-Credits Quiz! – Laser Time #415

Mount up, original bingers! We have got another fantabulous quizdown this week, and it’s guaranteed to activate something in the back of any TV-obsessed brain. There’s a little something at the end of every TV show that’s slowly dying out… Read more

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Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 – Let’s Do This!

Fresh off of Thor Ragnarok, we’re once again reminded how long its been since a Marvel movie had a proper tie-in video game. Fortunately, and once again, Lego is here to save the day from fee-to-play mobile games with Lego… Read more

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Movie Review: Spider-Man Homecoming!

MOVIE REVIEW!!! At long last, Spider-Man is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Does his web catch you just like a fly? Find out now!

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Cape Crisis – Henry’s Comic-Con 2016 Diary

SURPRISE! Cape Crisis is back a bonus episode! Learn all about Henry’s time at Comic-Con 2016, including reactions to all the big news, and what Hank has been reading lately, all in this special podcast…

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