NFL Blitz – Episode 038

It all comes down to this! We hit the highlights from the best arcade football game – Midway’s NFL Blitz. The Jamming of sports continues as Midway hunts for their next hit and scores a touchdown with a new technology…. Read more

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Laser Time – All About Olympics

After a smattering of Olympic history and weird trivia, we dive into athletes who’ve succeeded in pop-culture as well as the myriad movies, shows, and games that have focused on the epic sporting event!

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Watch Us Play Kurt Warner’s Arena Football

Who needs the NFL and the Super Bowl when you’ve got the PlayStation alternative. Let’s head into the arena for a few downs in this week’s Laser Time Shit Show, now archived on YouTube!

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7 Mario Sports Games With Secret Innovations

Sure, Smash Bros. and Mario Kart are great, but Mario’s various sports outings have introduced many important changes to the plumber’s extended universe. Like these seven additions!

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Spider-Man Is The Ultimate (Fictional) Mets Fan

Laser Time is a haven for nerds and geeks scared of physical activity, but we can at least enjoy the 2015 World Series via a superheroic sports fan, namely longtime Mets lover, Spider-Man…

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Movie Review: Southpaw!

Can’t wait for Creed to get your haymaker fix? Don’t need an excuse like that to head to the theater? Check out this awesome boxing movie.

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