Street Fighter II – Episode 001

Ready… Fight! The Fighting Game Wars miniseries begins with the granddaddy of them all — Capcom’s Street Fighter II. What led up to the launch of this iconic arcade? What were the ramifications? Why was this the first arcade game… Read more

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Street Fighter EX Endings

Laugh along with us to each and every cinematic finale from Street Fighter EX. Try not to cut yourself on those jagged PlayStation 1 visuals.

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The Video Game Guide to Physical Fitness!

Has your New Year’s resolution to lose weight died out by now? A boring question, I know — but wait! To spice things up, I mix my love of fitness with my equal love for gaming.

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Vidjagame Apocalypse 89 – Too Many Creeds

The holiday game-release season is in full swing this week, with headliners that include two Assassin’s Creed games – one of which inspired a Top 5 about our favorite interquels. After that, it’s on to a discussion of AC Unity… Read more

By Wikiparaz | 27

The Toxicity of the Fighting Game Community

It seems that once again, the fighting game community has shown its true colours: a culture full of poisonous personalities and abrasive actions that scare most, if not all new comers. Full of elitism and aggression, the FGC showed why… Read more

By LaserTimeContributor | 25

Vidjagame Apocalypse 40 – Over the Hill

This week is Call of Duty week, with CoD: Ghosts hitting store shelves ahead of its next-gen launches, but let’s ignore that for the first half of the show. Instead, we’ll talk about our favorite heroes over 40, then chat… Read more

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Vidjagame Apocalypse 38 – In the Wrong Hands

Remember way back when game publishers weren’t interested in locking down their intellectual property, and would hand the franchise keys to any porting house that had two ZX Spectrums to rub together? No? Well, this week’s Top 5 does, as… Read more

By Wikiparaz | 34