The Worst Oscar Winners Ever – Laser Time

The Academy Awards are almost here, so we’re taking a look at the definitive worst Oscar recipients of all-time. Yes, we all have our personal Best Picture punching bags, but we’ve unearthed a batch of cinematic stinkers that provably suck… Read more

By C.Ant | 17

Movie Review: Suicide Squad!

MOVIE REVIEW! The latest installment of the DC Cinematic Universe is here! Will Suicide Squad help right the ship, or is it another leak in the hull? Find out now!

By Jonwahizzle | 11

Mass Effect And Suicide Squad’s Mashup Is Killer!

DC’s (hopefully good) hero team-up movie meets the toughest crew in the galaxy in a spectacular mash-up trailer that’s a must-see for comic book and sci-fi fans! Watch this Mass Effect-Suicide Squad mashup trailer!

By DaverTime | 3

Defending Task Force X: An Optimistic Look at Suicide Squad

There are plenty of reasons to doubt the DC Cinematic Universe, and the voices airing those doubts right now are as loud as Superman carelessly crashing through buildings in Metropolis, injuring thousands. But that doesn’t make them accurate.

By LaserTimeContributor | 5