Every Royal Rumble Winner Ever! – Fantasy Fight

Our 30-Man Royal Rumble is a never-ending parade of WWE Superstars! Join us as we celebrate the Royal Rumble’s 30th anniversary and every single rumble winner returns to the ring. Yes, occasionally from the grave…

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Triple H Entrance Songs Ranked – Wrestler Theme Friday

From blue-blood jobber, to talent-burying main-eventer, to internet-darling executive, Triple H has done it all and has plenty of entrance themes along the way. In the latest Wrestler Theme Friday, we’re counting down every song that’s accompanied The Game to… Read more

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Cheap Popcast #45 – F–k, Marry, WrestleMania

WrestleMania was in Cheap Popcast’s neighborhood, so Dave, Hank, Grimm, and Brett recount the highs and lows of attending NXT’s biggest event yet and possibly the best WrestleMania ever. A special guest joins the gang to talk about Raw and… Read more

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Cheap Popcast #44 – Predict-amania!

WWE has all but finalized the WrestleMania card, so we’ve declared open season on predictions! Dave, Henry, Brett, and Chris discuss their hopes (and sad expectations) for each match, while also discussing their ‘Mania week plans, NJPW, and the must-watch… Read more

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Cheap Popcast #43 – We’re From Hollywood

With the final big show before WrestleMania in the books, Dave, Henry, and Chris discuss Fastlane and Raw’s fallout (while Dave discusses “Give Divas a Chance” and ‘Mania’s ladder match). Later on, the trio discusses Hollywood sports entertainers who were… Read more

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Cheap Popcast #26 – Payback, Betrayal, and Love

A larger-than-usual Cheap Popcast brings Dave, Henry, Grimm, and Chris together to talk about Payback and weird 1990s Monday Night Raw wedding proposals, while Dave takes a few minutes to talk about this week’s Raw breakup.

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Cheap Popcast #22 – WrestleManic Depression

Dave, Henry, Brett and Grimm discuss WrestleMania XXX and its Hall of Fame class’ noteworthy speeches, while Dave adds his personal thoughts the next night’s Raw and his memories of interacting with the late Warrior.

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