Turok Turns Twenty – 90 minutes of N64 tunes

It’s a new VGMpire! And whyyyyy, of all games on Earth, are we doing a Turok episode? Because the 1997 original is about to turn 20 years old… and because there’s plenty of great music to discover. Grab the episode… Read more

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Best of 2016: VGMpire’s top shows

Though we posted fewer VGMpires this year than any other since its first full year of existence (that’d be 2012), there were still several top-notch episodes in 2016. Which of these fine shows pulled in the most listeners? Let’s take… Read more

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VGMpire 100 is live, Rocktober 2015 imminent

For those of you who don’t frequent the VGMpire site, we recently celebrated its 100th episode with a grab bag of folks’ favorite game tunes. With great jams and guests aplenty, it’s well worth a listen! Check it out here

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Top 5 Video Game Karaoke Jams

I love karaoke. Not because I’m a great singer, but because it’s a fun way letting loose. I’m too white to dance, so singing my heart out in front of a crowd of equally drunk strangers is the next best… Read more

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VGMpire #84 – Musical Menus

A salute to menu music, shop songs and other oft ignored tunes from consoles and handhelds – LISTEN NOW! And in case you didn’t know, VGMpire’s got a Best of 2014 episode available exclusively on Laser Time’s Bandcamp page.  

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VGMpire: Best 0f 2014 now on Bandcamp

A year ago we kicked off our Bandcamp page with a trio of commentary tracks and a winter-themed VGMpire. This time around, VGMpire returns with a look back at all our 2014 episodes and chooses a handful of the best… Read more

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VGMpire 77 – Pokemonth GB

Rocktober returns with a barrage of Pokemusic from the Game Boy days, including Red, Blue, Gold and Silver.. LISTEN NOW!

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VGMpire 72 – Movie Mania

Movie games used to suck, but their soundtracks sure didn’t! We take a look at NES and SNES tie ins that defied the odds. LISTEN NOW!

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VGMpire Episode 69 – Go Go Godzilla

  Who woulda thought a walking atomic horror would inspire such great game music? In honor of the upcoming Hollywood reboot, prepare for a tracklist most monstrous! LISTEN NOW!

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VGMpire Roundup – What ya may have missed!

Just in case you haven’t 1) Subscribed to VGMpire through iTunes or 2) Popped by the main site for a couple of months, here’s what you may have missed since the last time the show graced the LT homepage. First… Read more

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The Legacy Music Hour vs VGMpire

  In perhaps the greatest crossover since Jetsons Meet The Flinstones, two titans of podcasting unite! The two biggest names in podcasts very specifically catering to video game music have combined forces to create two very special episodes. If you… Read more

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