High School Horror – Vidjagame Apocalypse 390

High school is a breeding ground for all sorts of lifelong fears and anxieties, so of course it’s a perfect setting for otherwordly terror. With friend of the show Micah Seff in attendance, we talk about five games that used… Read more

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The Best of Stephen King – Laser Time #420

Stephen King’s obviously one of pop culture’s most famous authors, but for our October movie marathoning purposes, he’s also generated billions of dollars of box office revenue with dozens of film and TV adaptations. We’ve scoured box office reports, reviews,… Read more

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Virtual On – Episode 028

We get in the damn robot and play some of Sega’s Virtual On! The final Listeners’ Choice episode takes on your second/third/fourth favorite brand of giant, bipedal, murder robots. Listen as Borelo, Madlle, and Rod-TGH tell of the history and… Read more

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The Great Cryptid Hunt – Vidjagame Apocalypse 389

In what may be our greatest Spooptober episode yet, the inimitable Alex Faciane of Chilluminati Podcast (among other things) joins us for a look at five real(ish) cryptids — creatures people swear they’ve seen but whose existence remains unconfirmed —… Read more

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God of the Underworld – Vidjagame Apocalypse 388

Spooptober continues with a look at the Greek pantheon’s gloomiest god, as Leif Johnson rejoins us to sift through some of Hades’ more memorable videogame appearances. Then we shift to talking about Star Wars Squadrons, Crash 4, Super Mario Bros…. Read more

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The Outfoxies – Episode 027

I OFFER YOU 80,000 SWISS FRANCS TO LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE.* The second Listeners’ Choice is all about the first arena fighter – the precursor to Super Smash Bros. – NAMCO’s The Outfoxies. Join a full house of co-hosts as… Read more

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Zombies With A Twist – Vidjagame Apocalypse 387

It’s the start of October, which means we’re switching to horror-focused topics and bad Dracula impressions between now and Halloween! Let’s kick it off with a look at five zombie games that – despite featuring the most cliched enemies imaginable… Read more

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Laser Time

Happy 3D Trails – Vidjagame Apocalypse 386

Nintendo’s 3DS is officially kaput, so this week we invite Ultra 64‘s Steve Guntli and Woody Ciskowski to help us celebrate nine stellar years of no-glasses 3D with a look at five of our favorite 3DS essentials. Then it’s on… Read more

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Quiz & Dragons – Episode 026

Shall we play a game? For the first episode of the Listeners’ Choice miniseries we distill Capcom’s trivia arcade game, Quiz & Dragons, back to its truest form – a board game! Who will win the trivia battle of 80s… Read more

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Lost in Games – Laser Time #418

What happens when your favorite show gets canceled, or your favorite performer dies? Well, it turns out the medium of video games can offer you one last, and typically lost, appearance! We went and dug up some of our favorite… Read more

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Born Free – Vidjagame Apocalypse 385

With Spelunky 2 out this week, we’re rejoined by Experience Points‘ Jorge Albor for a look at five games that started life as freeware projects before moving on to commercial success. Then it’s on to PlayStation 5 news, Paradise Killer,… Read more

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