The Best Movies of 2021 – Laser Time #434

Pigs and Spiders at the Vista Del Mar! Hope that’s not giving anything away, since Laser Time’s annual tardy tradition of chiming in on the year’s best cinematic offerings has finally arrived! Listen, watch, chat, Patreon, etc. DOWNLOAD SPONSOR: This episode… Read more

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Spiderman: The Videogame – Episode 061

We swing into the back half of the MCBU miniseries with everyone’s favorite web-head (and some of his amazing friends – not you Namor). Join us, true believers, as we explore the very first Marvel arcade game, Spider-Man: The Videogame…. Read more

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Heroic Trios – Vidjagame Apocalypse 455

Rainbow Six Extraction is out this week, pitting three players against the mutant Archaeans – and we had so much fun playing it as a trio that we decided to talk about five of our favorite videogame trios (as a… Read more

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Black Hawks Down, Red Tails Up and Freejack Now!

Jan. 14-20: Clapton goes acoustic, Kevin Kline loves LA, Cuba Gooding Jr. goes to the dogs, Robert Altman’s prequel to Downton Abbey, Madonna loves royalty, horny gnomes, Gina Carano goes haywire, Tom Hanks’ 9/11 movie, more Underworld, Betty White’s pranking… Read more

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X-Men – Episode 060

It’s a Giant-Size X-Men episode as we cover the best arcade game of all time (at least according to one host) in our longest show yet! What is it about this Konami beat ‘em up that separates it from other… Read more

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The Punisher – Episode 059

The Punisher, a game of pixels and violence. Where players mercilessly prey on all. Anytime, anywhere. The next game in the MCBU is Capcom’s ode to grit and 90s machismo that started a longtime relationship between two huge companies. Is… Read more

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Laser Time

Christmas Shame – Laser Time #433

It’s that time of year again, so this season we’re taking the time to reveal all the personally embarrassing little pop culture traditions we’ve accumulated throughout the Holidays. Sappy songs, irredeemable movies, and unspeakable Christmas specials abound! Have a happy… Read more

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2021’s Best DLC – Vidjagame Apocalypse 450

2021 is drawing to a close(!), and all things considered it’s been a pretty great year for videogames. Before we begin our annual GOTY countdown next week, let’s invite Tony Wilson of Framework for a look at five of our… Read more

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Captain America and the Avengers – Episode 058

An astonishing new miniseries begins as we explore the MCBU – Marvel Circuit Board Universe. We begin with the best licensing very little money could buy in the early 90s, Captain America and the Avengers. What is it about this… Read more

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