Born Free – Vidjagame Apocalypse 385

With Spelunky 2 out this week, we’re rejoined by Experience Points‘ Jorge Albor for a look at five games that started life as freeware projects before moving on to commercial success. Then it’s on to PlayStation 5 news, Paradise Killer,… Read more

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Arcade Obscura (2P Brawlers) – Episode 25

HOLY SH…EBOYGEN! It’s time for another Arcade Obscura where each of the hosts pitch their choice for underrated or underappreciated two-player beat ‘em up game. PastBlaster brings us a game from a familiar company that uses six-buttons to possess and… Read more

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Collecting Comics – Vidjagame Apocalypse 383

Do you like collecting comics? Do you enjoy videogames? Do you insist that those two hobbies be about each other? Fiiine. With Marvel’s Avengers out this week, let’s grab PNB’s TL Foster for a look at five games that used… Read more

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The Combatribes – Episode 024

CYBORGS AIN’T LADIES!! We grab Technos Japan’s ultra-violent and over-the-top The Combatribes by the heels and take it for a spin – and have a lot of fun doing it! Join us as we rediscover this often overlooked beat ‘em… Read more

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Please Mr. Postman – Vidjagame Apocalypse 381

With the US Postal Service currently under siege, now seemed like a good time to grab friend of the show Leif Johnson and pay tribute to some of gaming’s greatest postal workers, who tirelessly deliver letters and packages that don’t… Read more

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Laser Time

Final Fight – Episode 023

  Episode 023 – Final Fight   The Mad Gears must pay. We are joined by special guest co-host Chris Antista to discuss Capcom’s Final Fight! Capcom goes “huge and cool” to bring us one of the best beat ‘em… Read more

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