Horror Hounds – Vidjagame Apocalypse 442

Ready to face what lurks in the shadows? No? What if you had… a dog? Greg Moore rejoins us this week for a look at five horror games that pit you and a canine partner against unspeakable terrors, after which… Read more

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Arcade Obscura (Shmup Dump) – Episode 054

They’re obscure. They’re underrated. They’re our choices for the Arcade Obscura shmups! Mr. SNK brings us a lovely bouquet of Sega space shooter (please consult with your physician before playing). Rob (AKA Ron, AKA Robdog Storm) goes meta with an… Read more

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Space Madness – Vidjagame Apocalypse 441

Metroid Dread has launched the franchise in a suspenseful new direction, and given us an excuse to spend this week talking about some of our favorite horror games set in space, with special guest Alex Faciane of Chilluminati and Super… Read more

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Haunted Hotels – Vidjagame Apocalypse 440

There’s something inherently eerie about an empty or abandoned hotel – especially if it’s only been abandoned by the living. With Framework‘s Tony Wilson on board for our second week of Spooptober ’21, let’s look at five highly memorable haunted… Read more

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Strikers 1945 – Episode 053

We’re bringing the Flying Pancake in for a landing on the Shmup Dump miniseries with Psikyo’s Strikers 1945 series. Can you stop the evil forces of C.A.N.Y. and find the very suggestive secret ending? How many times is PastBlaster going… Read more

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Soul Shepherds – Vidjagame Apocalypse 439

Today marks the return of Spooptober, when all of our shows are Halloween-themed for a whole month — but since it’s just getting started, let’s ease in with guest Greg Moore and five games that let you play as a… Read more

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The Fisher King, A Cancer Comedy, and Blue Steel

Sept. 24-30: Scott Bakula is a QB and a captain, Chiklis is the Commish, Michael Douglas won’t say a word, Seth Rogan is undeclared, Jennifer Garner goes undercover, hillbilly horror, Michael Shannon builds a bunker, Anthony Hopkins has the shining,… Read more

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Laser Time

Mushihimesama – Episode 052

This episode we talk about the Cave shooter series that is almost as fun to say as it is to play – Mushihimesama. We are joined by Gameboy Guru, host of the Shoot the Core-cast, to pick up Rob’s slack… Read more

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Laser Time – RIP Norm Macdonald

Norm Macdonald 1950-1961. We lost one of our most gifted, inimitable comedians recently, and it’s difficult to deal with. But before Norm departed our mortal coil, he left us this wonderful audio journey through his whole dang career. Yes, this… Read more

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