Raccoon Heroes – Vidjagame Apocalypse 423

We’ve always been great fans of trash pandas at VGA, so when this week’s release of Backbone cast one as a down-on-his-luck detective, we indulged our love of raccoons with a Top 5 about games that let you play as… Read more

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Least-Valuable Videogames – Vidjagame Apocalypse 422

This week, we stumbled onto PriceCharting.com – a huge database of purported videogame resale values – and thought it would be fun to invite retro specialists Steve Guntli and Woody Ciskowski (of Ultra 64/Wii Universe) to talk about which (non-sports,… Read more

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Initial D – Episode 044

We’re drifting into the final turn of our Drivers miniseries by talking about Sega’s most prolific driving game series, Initial D. So hop in our Trueno GT-APEX – just don’t bump the tofu – and settle in for a two… Read more

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PATREON EXCLUSIVE – Resident Evil Village Spoilercast!

There’s much, much more to Resident Evil Village than an internet-breaking giant vampire lady, and we cover just about all of it in our elegant, full-bodied spoilercast. EXCLUSIVE to Laser Time Patrons, the latest, nearly 100-minute episode of Apocalypse Gaiden… Read more

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The Weed Number – Vidjagame Apocalypse 420

Well, here it is, episode 420 – but we already did games that let you smoke pot 311 episodes ago! So instead, let’s look at celebrities who’ve appeared in videogames and now have their own (legal!) cannabis brands, with help… Read more

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Cruis’n USA – Episode 043

Hop in and take a ride down Memory Lane as the Podouken crew tours the USA, world, and other exotic locations while exploring the Midway Games classic Cruis’n USA. How did this game give Rob his most gruesome arcade injury… Read more

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Laser Time

RE-lentless Pursuit – Vidjagame Apocalypse 418

Resident Evil Village is out, and the rampantly fetishized Lady Dimitrescu joins the hallowed ranks of Resident Evil’s iconic, nigh-indestructible “stalker” enemies. So let’s kick off this week’s show with five of the most memorable pursuers from Resident Evils past,… Read more

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Daytona USA – Episode 042

The hosts let loose with their inner Florida Man to discuss the quintessential Florida game – Daytona USA. Let’s go away to the land of alligators, bath salts, and bike weeks and explore how Sega ended up creating the most… Read more

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Oscar Time 2021 – Laser Time #426

Continuing our annual tradition, we’ve once again watched all the movies nominated for Best Picture at the 93rd Academy Awards so you don’t have to! A global pandemic has obviously made a giant mess of the Oscars this year, but… Read more

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