Jan 302015
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Henry, Chris, and our dear friend Anne Lewis get together this week to talk about a superhero-free week of reading, reactions to the Fantastic Four trailer, and then we have a very special PSA about why every comic book fan should be watching The Venture Bros. All that, plus your answers to last week’s question of the week, and much more!
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Jan 232015
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Get ready for positive energy and comic books talk, because Henry, Chris, and Brett are back together and ready to be totally on-topic! We cover Spider-Verse, Venture Bros., Absolute Vision, Marvel’s Secret Wars shake-up, a superhero spotlight on The Beyonder, and much, much more! Listen folks, this is a good one, we promise!
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Jan 092015
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Back from the break with an extra large new episode, Henry, Chris, and Brett get together to talk about what they read over the break, dissect the first Ant-Man trailer, talk about all your favorite books of 2014, look forward to the year ahead, and have not one, but TWO quizzes! The fun never stops!

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