Cape Crisis #165 – A Civil War Primer

Hank, Chris, Dave, and Brett come together to discuss the Civil War trailer, Frank Miller’s odd return to Dark Knight, some light Jessica Jones spoilers, and your QOTW replies…

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Agents of SHIELD “Many Heads, One Tale” Review

In one smooth motion, SHIELD has weaved nearly all of its threads together into one overarching story. That in itself is impressive, especially without anyone figuring out beforehand that it all connected (the show is living up to that infamous… Read more

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Cape Crisis #164 – Coming Out To Stan Lee

The gang’s all here! Hank, Chris, Dave, and Brett dive into a ton of new Marvel books, gorillas vs. Flash, Star Wars wildness, plus Stan Lee getting confused and your QOTW replies…

By Hank | 5

Cape Crisis #162 – Bye Felicia!

Hank and Chris are joined by Brett in a week dominated by too many new comic books, along with a ton of TV shows dominating our aging geek minds! Plus, a great new Deadpool trailer, news on how Fox deals… Read more

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Cape Crisis #161 – More Powerful Than A Locomotive

Hank and Dave welcome back Brett to discuss reading Marvel comics, watching DC TV shows, some Walking Dead spoilers near the end of the first segment, Macho Man’s love life, more news, and the best replies from the community!

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