Cape Crisis #158 – Kentucky Fried Podcast

Hank, Chris, and Dave get together during one of the busiest release weeks in comics, and we don’t just mean the KFC comic. All-New, All-Different Marvel is here, plus Jughead, pre-NYCC news, and your responses…

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Cape Crisis #157 – A Grab Bag Of Adventure

Henry is doing this extra large episode with some real special guests! First off, Marvel Heroes 2015’s own Chris Baker joins Dave and Chris for talk (and a quiz) about old comic book games, followed by Brett coming on to… Read more

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Cape Crisis #156 – Tastes Like Chicken

Henry and Chris are rejoined by Dave for a whip fast episode where they catch up on never ending Secret Wars, dig into cheap Batman books, discuss the new Black Panther series, Spider-Man’s age, and your answers to last week’s… Read more

Cape Crisis #155 – The Saga Continues

Henry and Chris do a two man show this week, and they’ve got a ton to talk to each other about. Hellcat’s new book, too many Avengers, where our listeners read, Henry referring to Tokyo Ghost by the wrong name,… Read more

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Cape Crisis #153 – To Squirrel, With Love

Henry, Chris, and Dave are a three man band, talking up a week of Marvel shake-ups, Deadpool teaming with Thanos, Tales Designed To Thrizzle, and of course we make room for the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl…

Cape Crisis #152 – Such A Thing As Too Much Batman?

Henry, Chris, and Dave welcome Danielle back onto the show to discuss the slow-moving machinery of Secret Wars, suggesting too many comics starring Batman, watching old cartoons, and the wisdom of Spider Jerusalem. Plus, your answers to last week’s community… Read more

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