Comic Reviews: Civil War II and Future Quest!

COMIC REVIEWS!!! This week the first shots are fired in Marvel’s Civil War II, and Johnny Quest, Space Ghost, and the rest of the Hannah-Barbera heroes team up in Future Quest! 

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Comic Reviews: Invincible and Huck!

COMIC REVIEWS!! This week it’s a double dose of Image Comics as Robert Kirkman’s Invincible returns with guest artist Cory Walker, and the first volume of Mark Millar and Rafael Albuquerque’s Huck concludes! 

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Cape Crisis #183 – Black Panther Leads The Way

Hank, Brett, and Dave get together to explore the history of Wakanda, talk about the Walking Dead season finale, discuss some very promising new releases, and Hank answers your questions and has some more of his own…

Comic Reviews: Black Panther and The Fix!

COMIC REVIEWS!  This week T’Challa gets a new ongoing before his big screen debut with Black Panther, and Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber’s Image series The Fix arrives!

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Cape Crisis #182 – Wonder Woman Will Save Us!

Hank, Chris, Brett, and Dave have had a week to think about Batman V Superman and… they still don’t like it. But this week’s Superhero Spotlight is about BVS’s best character, along with DC Rebirth news and your QOTW replies…