Aug 152014
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Henry and Chris are doing their best to deal with the dark times around them, so it’s lucky that we have Tim Turi as a guest to cheer us. He gives us an eyewitness report from the new TMNT, which hastens talk about Archie comics, Evil Dead, the loss of Robin Williams, and how you introduce new readers to comics…

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Aug 032014
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So you’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy. Or maybe you plan to, but are still aware of this whole “infinity stones” sub plot that’s tying all the Marvel movies together. BUT you have no idea why these things are so important, or missed these stories as a kid, or heard people saying “how great the modern cosmic Marvel stuff has been!”

WELL if you fit several of those highly specific criteria, then I’ve got an article for you! Here I’ll try to lay out multiple reading options for the Comic Reader On The Go. Hey, I get it. You’ve got a hot date tonight. Or that big function at that popular place. You ain’t got time to read children’s stories all day. Maybe a little, but pfffft all weekend? C’mon there’s so much Hannibal to catch up on.

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