Cape Crisis #174 – Supergirl Lands On Earth

Hank, Chris, and Dave go into the second most famous Kryptonian, along with Trump’s new friendship with Marvel’s CEO, strange DC Legends, football comics, and your replies to the QOTW…

By Hank | 9

Cape Crisis #173 – Deadpool Vs. Podcasts

Hank, Chris, and Dave join together to discuss the history of the second most popular member of the Weapon X Program, plus we talk DC Rebirth, Dead No More, Squirrel Girl’s awesomeness, and your replies to the question of the… Read more

By Hank | 5

Cape Crisis #172 – Harley Quinn Comes To Life

Hank, Chris, Brett, and Dave talk double time about Harley Quinn and her new Suicide Squad trailer, plus the new/old Captain America, Jessica Jones spoiler talk, your QOTW answers, and MORE…

By Hank | 8

Cape Crisis #171 – Swamp Thing And Secret Wars

Hank, Chris, Brett, and Dave head to the murky depths of the south to discover Swamp Thing’s history, as well as analyze the finale of Secret Wars, as well as what listeners are looking forward to in 2016…

By Hank | 7