May 082015
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Odds are by now you’re somewhat aware of the “infinity stones” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ever since the first Avengers film ended with Thanos grinning at the screen, fans have suspected the end game could be the Mad Titan acquiring said stones and wreaking havoc on the universe. Suspected… but surely the films wouldn’t go that far, right?

And then they went and announced a two-part Infinity War film series. This finally, 100% confirmed what we suspected (and I frankly hoped for since 1991) – the films would indeed attempt to tell the batshit-crazy tale of the Infinity Gauntlet, something I never would have believed until Avengers passed the billion-dollar line.

BUT – wtf are these gems, what do they do, why are nerdos yelping in the theater while you’re trying to figure out if THIS purple guy is the same purple guy as the last scene or dear god are there TWO purple villains in this movie??

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May 072015
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Henry and Chris are joined by Brett for a double-sized episode of fun and adventure. The first half is the guys diving deep into their Free Comic Book Day exploits, reading Secret Wars and Divergence, and a huge crop of comics news! Then, in the second hour, it’s time for the spoiler-filled, mega-discussion of Avengers: Age of Ultron! Plus a special giveaway that you can only learn about by listening to the break!

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