Vidjagame Apocalypse 197 – Body Switch

This week is full of Nintendo Switch news, as Fandom’s Bob Mackey joins us to share his hands-on impression of Nintendo’s newest console and its games – but first, one of this week’s new (re-)releases inspires a Top 5 about… Read more

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Zelda II 30th birthday stream – Part Three

On to the fourth and fifth palaces! Things are gonna get reallll annoying so be prepared for lots of aggravating situations and downright mean enemy placement. Oh and obtuse secrets!

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Talking Simpsons – Whacking Day

We meet Superintendent Chalmers for the first time, Bart gets home schooled, and Lisa battles against animal cruelty in one of season 4’s best episodes! Listen along to hear our podcast thoughts…

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Super Mario Sunshine – Let’s Do This!

Hot on the heels on the Nintendo Switch announcement and the reveal of Super Mario Odyssey, we wanted to go back and revisit that other open-world 3D Mario game. Dust off those FLUDD packs, it’s time to revisit the GameCube’s Super… Read more

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Monday Night Movie – Jackie Chan’s First Strike

We’re watching Jackie Chan’s breakout US movie LIVE tonight for the first Monday Night Movie of 2017 with Jackie Chan’s First Strike! Join us at 6PM PST as commentate over the movie formerly known as Police Story 4!

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Nintendo Switch: T Time Episode 16

Is the Nintendo Switch the “next big thing?” Well, now that I’ve seen it in action and gotten some hands-on time, I have a few thoughts. Get ready for a full serving of member berries.

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RE4 PS4 – Get caught up with our Big Bass Run

While we (aka *I*) haven’t updated y’all on Laser Time proper, we have indeed been posting new episodes of our full RE4 PS4 playthrough over on the YouTube page. There’s no “bit” to it other than the fact I’m trying… Read more

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Talking Simpsons – The Front

The Simpsons gets very inside in this episode about writing cartoons, while Homer goes back to school to complete his high school education. We cover all this wonky episode in our newest podcast…