Sep 192014
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Doomwatch Header

Imagine if Call of Cthulu: Dark Corners of the Earth was a film that had all of the fun, violent bits ripped out, a nosey, British tit shoehorned in as the protagonist and the fish people were rubber faced locals with less than half a brain between them. Now slap on a PSA about the dangers of pollution and brainstorm the dullest trailer imaginable and the result is Doomwatch.

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Sep 172014
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doom, doom mod

Doom is classic for many reasons–it has early but impressive 3D shooting, hordes of killer demons, and big fat awesome weapons, just to name a few things. But what keeps it on the modern gamer’s radar is the fact that it’s been ported or modded onto just about every electronic device ever. Here are some of the craziest examples.

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Sep 152014
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Laser Time, Laser Time 2.0

Laser Time is growing! This is Laser Time 2.0, Laser Time Phase 2, Phaser Time–really, any flashy pun you want–the next step for this wonderful website. The time has come for Laser Time to explode with written articles, funny videos, fantastic podcasts, and all the pop culture-skewing badassery a website can handle. We’re talking more stuff about comics, movies, sports, video games–whatever the nine-ringed hell you want.

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