Laser Time vs 1991 SNES Reports – F-Zero Face-Off!

Twenty five years ago, local news broadcasters could superimpose themselves into Super Nintendo launch games. Today, Laser Time finally has 1991-level technology and is ready to BECOME ONE WITH F-ZERO. Now that I’m a for-real F-Zero pilot, I have to… Read more

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LSD: Dream Emulator – Tripping Balls on PS1

Special guest Greg Moore takes us on a hallucinatory spirit quest through one of the most bizarre PlayStation games to ever come out of Japan. Find a happy place and avoid the brown acid… this is probably gonna get weird.

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Nights: Journey of Dreams – Wii Gameplay

Much like an actual dream, Sega’s long-awaited sequel to Nights: Into Dreams was almost immediately forgotten. Although hardly a nightmare, the only other game in the series is lost on Wii, where the visuals and controls were deoptimized to take… Read more

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Laser Stream

Who wants to check out the opening moments of the latest Deus Ex? Oh. Only some of you? Hm. Well, that’s what we’re doing today at 4PM PACIFIC so please consider watching anyway? I thoroughly enjoyed 2011’s Human Revolution (and… Read more

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Super NES launch day box – Let’s Read!

Even though I grew up in the ’80s and “fell in love” with games via the NES, it was 1991’s Super NES that really sealed the deal and made me a lifelong dorko for this kind of stuff. While Zelda… Read more

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Laser Time – Lost In Localization

Special guest Greg Moore joins us to discuss the art of localization, bad old anime dubs, and how famous movie catchphrases are bungled in other languages.

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Transformers: War for CyberSlam!

Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Grimlock and more take it to the MATrix of Leadership today in our amazing, colossal Transformers: War for CyberSlam

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TV Review: The Tick!

TV Review! The Tick is back! Should the pilot make you swarm the Amazon Prime Pilot polls, or was the character best left forgotten? Find out NOW! 

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