The Highs & Lows of Game Development – Laser Time

From the despair of developing a licensed flop to the glory of indie success, we chat with¬†Julian Spillane about his unique path from X-Men Destiny and Silicon Knights’ fall to Use Your Words’ innovative fun!¬†

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TV Review: The Defenders!

TV REVIEW! The Defenders have united! Is Netflix and Marvel’s streaming team up worth the wait? Find out now!

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Vidjagame Apocalypse 227 – Sonic Spinoffs

With Sonic Mania restoring Sega’s mascot to critical success this week, we invite Heidi Kemps (who reviewed Mania for IGN) to join us for a look at our five favorite Sonic spinoff games. Then it’s on to (what else?) Sonic… Read more

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Shadow the Hedgehog – Watch Us Play This Shit!

We enjoyed the best Sonic game in years earlier this week, now we’re going to the straight hedgehog poop. Join us LIVE at 3PM PST as we play the unnecessarily gritty Shadow the Hedgehog!

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Talking Simpsons – Another Simpsons Clip Show

It’s time for the forgotten Simpsons clip episode, and it’s overlooked for a reason: It sucks! But Bob, Henry, and Chris have a fun time deconstructing this episode’s ode to love as well as figuring out if it was intentionally… Read more

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Sonic Mania – Watch Us Play!

Sonic Mania is the Hedgehog’s greatest game in over a half-decade, so we’re celebrating by streaming the blue blur’s best effort LIVE on Twitch at 3PM PST!

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Anime Streaming Showcase: Trigun

Summer of A.S.S. rolls right along with the gun-slinging adventures of Vash the Stampede. Trigun has certainly earned its legacy, but can that legacy transfer to newcomers, or is it a fading relic soon to be forgotten?

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Vidjagame Apocalypse 226 – Gritty Sequels to Cute Games

Nathan “@kenjisalk” Ortega joins us this week for a dive into five cute and/or silly series that suddenly veered into shooty-shooty-brood-brood-murder territory, for better or worse. Then stay tuned for chat about Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Lawbreakers, the return of the… Read more

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Talking Simpsons – Lisa’s Rival

While Homer strikes it rich with a hill of sugar, Lisa meets a new friend who is better than her in every way. She handles it poorly and plots her revenge, and Ralph finally tells us what his cat’s breath… Read more