Talking Simpsons – Dog of Death

After failing to win the lottery, the family comes together to save their dog, but at what price? Find out in this week’s doggone podcast…

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Battle of the Pimps

Pimping and Hollywood go hand in hand. I mean, how many Ice Age films have been released, and how many have you actually seen? I’ve seen zero, but they keep making them. I guess a good pimp is stealthy, one… Read more

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Movie Review: Batman: The Killing Joke

One of the most controversial Batman stories of all time has been given the WB Animation treatment! Should you pick up The Killing Joke when it hits stores next week, or wait for the $5 bin? Find out now!

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9 Gaming Groans about Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is has been unleashed upon the public, expanding social activity and making Nintendo happy by forcing us to finally go outside and make them money or just prove that Pokemon is the most popular game franchise ever. But… Read more

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Little Nicky – Watch Us Play This Shit!

THISH STREAM ISH GONNA BE FAHKIN SCHWEET. Fresh off this week’s Laser Time about special effects comedies, we’re gonna play the Game Boy Color adaptation of Little Nicky and try to limit our Sandler imitations to one per minute. See… Read more

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Laser Time

Talking Simpsons – Separate Vocations

Bart and Lisa’s futures are in flux as they find new careers as a cop and nogoodnick (respectively) in this anti-authoritarian episode of our lovable podcast…

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Let’s Play Monster Hunter Generations!

THE TIME HAS COME! You’ve heard Chris and Brett sing the praises of Monster Hunter for years, now we’re gonna try and show you what makes the series so addictive and special with a live gameplay stream. Join the hunting… Read more

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