Anime Streaming Showcase: Claymore

This week on Anime Streaming Showcase we dive into a world of demons and the bad-ass women who slay them: Claymore. Norihiro Yagi’s dark medieval manga was stupendously adapted into an equally terrific anime that is a perfect to your digital queue.

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Justice League GBA Stream – Watch Us Play This Shit!

You’ve seen a quality DC Comics gaming crossover with Injustice 2, but now we’re back to DC feces, as we stream the Justice League’s Game Boy Advance outing. Ugly pixelated superheroes to the rescue… watch us play it LIVE!

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Talking Simpsons – Homer And Apu

Apu loses his job thanks to Homer’s smashed hat, and it leads to him moving in with the Simpsons for an exciting episode, not to mention James Woods’ very funny guest appearance…

Injustice 2 – Watch Us Play LIVE!

2017’s biggest new fighting game has arrived, and we’re gonna do battle in it! Watch as we pit new fighters like Poison Ivy and Swamp Thing against DC’s cast of brawling heroes in Injustice 2!

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Hot Wheels in Forza Horizon 3 – Watch Us Play!

Everyone’s favorite toy cars for kids have come to everyone’s favorite toy cars for adults. Yes, Hot Wheels cars are in Forza Horizon 3 and we’re streaming the speedy fun LIVE on Twitch!

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