Laser Time – Modern Christmas Masterpieces

From our current-day Christmas traditions to new shows and movies that stand up to the classics, we’re celebrating newer media that makes us warm and fuzzy. Also, we predict the final celebs who will die in 2016. Have fun!

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Final Fantasy – The Fantasy Fight, Finally!

No, don’t worry, it’s not the FINAL Fantasy Fight, it’s the Final Fantasy Fantasy Fight! Confused? Just realize that we’re pitting famous Final Fantasy characters against each other in a battle royal. Watch as the biggest stars of the first… Read more

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Vidjagame Apocalypse 191 – Final Fantasies

Final Fantasy XV is out after a 10-year wait, and we’re celebrating the only way we know how: by looking back at our five favorite games from the series’ 29-year run. Once we’ve finished enraging fans with our wrong opinions,… Read more

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Monday Night Movie: December 2016 Schedule!

One of the manliest Christmas movies to ever celebrate the season alongside the most Trump-filled holiday film ever will be covered with Laser Time commentary during December 2016’s Monday Night Movies. Check out the schedule here!

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Col*Aid*Corp – Episode III

(Prologue | Episode I | Episode II <) The first thing you need to understand about what we do is that space is huge! Like super duper holy moly BIG! In fact, it’s a little too big. That’s why humanity has… Read more

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Talking Simpsons – Selma’s Choice

Jub Jub! Yes, Selma has a fear of dying alone while the rest of the family is dreaming of going to a theme park. And somehow it all points to Murphy Brown and Johnny Carson clips. Find out how on this… Read more

Final Fantasy XV – Watch Us Play!

It’s been over six years since a single-player numbered Final Fantasy game launched, so we’re savoring the launch of Final Fantasy XV with a livestream of the much-anticipated JRPG. Join us at 3PM PST and see how Chris is digging… Read more

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Laser Time

Laser Time – HATE Songs!

No more Mr. Nice Podcasters! This time, we’re doing away with guilty pleasures and running through songs that make our blood boil from pop punk to cheesy rap to butt rock. Join in and embrace the anger!

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The Simpsons WWE 2K17 Battle Royal!

Thought the score was settled with Simpsons Wrestling on PlayStation? Oh hell doh! Watch Homer, Bart, Flanders, Krusty, and some surprise guests face off in a brutal battle royal for Simpsons supremacy!

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