RE4 PS4 – Get caught up with our Big Bass Run

While we (aka *I*) haven’t updated y’all on Laser Time proper, we have indeed been posting new episodes of our full RE4 PS4 playthrough over on the YouTube page. There’s no “bit” to it other than the fact I’m trying… Read more

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Talking Simpsons – The Front

The Simpsons gets very inside in this episode about writing cartoons, while Homer goes back to school to complete his high school education. We cover all this wonky episode in our newest podcast…

Soul Edge Live Stream – Let’s Do This!

We all need to shine on, to see! And you need to watch us play Soul Edge LIVE on Twitch in honor of it’s 20th anniversary. Join the gang and a special fighting game-friendly guest at 3PM PST!

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Laser Time – Our 2017 Return!

We’re discussing trips home, scarce time with family, sad deaths during the break, and the copious amount of backlog games and movies we consumed over the break before we reveal our favorite gifts from our holidays.

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