Mar 282015
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Laser Time, DC, comic, cover, variant, Batgirl, sexist, Joker

We all remember our immediate thoughts when we saw a leering Joker painting his smile over a helpless, terrified Batgirl. That thought was some iteration of Oh boy, DC is going to catch some hell for this! With seemingly more scrutiny than ever being placed on women in media, things as innocuous as Thor’s sex switch and Spider-Woman’s ass now get national attention.

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Mar 272015
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Henry and Chris have another two man talk about everything going on in comics, like a brand new Avengers team, rewatching X-Files, comics of shame, and Jesse Eisenberg’s bald head. Plus, a very lively discussion of the question of the week, and a superhero spotlight for Lex Luthor!

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Mar 262015
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Fresh off our playthrough of the dazzling Final Fantasy XV demo, we begin this week’s show by looking at the proud tradition of packing high-profile demos to help sell (and, more often than not, almost completely eclipse) medium-profile games. Then it’s on to some rapturous Bloodborne chatter, our thoughts on Hideo Kojima leaving Konami, and your best drunk-gaming experiences.

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Mar 262015
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[UPDATE: YouTube archives embedded above and below, including our WrestleMania 31 Pre-show predictions and our super-secret playthrough of WWF’s Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game!]

Dave and Chris gonna run through the WrestleMania card in WWE 2K15 on Thursday 3/26 at 3PM and then take part in a special main event with your creation! Read on to find out how you can become part of LaserTime’s Showcase of the Immortals!

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