How to Create an Oscar-Winner in 5 Easy Steps!

With the Academy Awards approaching, that self-congratulatory season of awards to the wealthy, powerful and successful people in the entertainment industry is underway.

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35 Reasons The Secret of Nimh Is The Greatest

The Secret of Nimh just turned 35 years old. Released in the glorious and legendary summer of 1982, it was not a hit at first (some think its box office failure can be attributed to a little movie called E.T.),… Read more

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Vidjagame Apocalypse 202 – Weird Spinoffs

The release of Halo Wars 2 this week set us a-ponderin’ about other huge franchises that have wandered outside their comfortable genres, usually in strange and beautiful ways — so we begin this week by focusing on five of the… Read more

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Talking Simpsons – Cape Feare

Smack us with a rake in the face — it’s Sideshow Bob’s greatest plot to kill Bart ever! It’s also an end of an era for the show, and we’re here to dissect it all, including explaining all the references… Read more

Ys Origin live stream – watch the Ys ExpertYs

First released on FRIGGIN’ WINDOWS XP in 2006, Ys Origin is now available on PS4. Why this has come to pass is beyond me, but hey, as a giant Ys dorkass I’m ready to finally dive into this decade-old prequel.

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Laser Time – Oscar Time 2017

As per annual tradition, we’ve watched all the 2017 Academy Award nominees for Best Picture so you don’t have to! Get ready for a thorough breakdown of all nine cinematic contenders and some silly, stupid comedy sketches in between

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Laser Time

Anime Streaming Showcase: Your Lie in April

♫♪ The web is alive with the sound of music….and teenage angst!♪♫
Music, that’s the subject of the latest episode of Anime Streaming Showcase where I take at look at 2015’s Your Lie in April. A hit a couple of years ago, does this series hit all the right notes, or simply get booed off the stage?

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Vidjagame Apocalypse 201 – Tragic Romances

This episode was recorded in the aftermath of another Valentine’s Day, which we mark the only way we know how: by being miserable bastards and getting spoilery about gaming’s most tragically disastrous romances. With that out of the way, we… Read more

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