9 Awesome Pre-YouTube Parody Films

Thanks to YouTube, movie parodies are a dime a dozen. Anyone can do it and share their work with the click of a button. But once upon a time, in an era that predated YouTube, broadband internet, and even access… Read more

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I Can’t Stop Watching Gotham

Gotham is one of the cheesiest, eye-rolling, waste-of-time shows on TV right now. I can’t even recommended it to people. If I try to explain the show, I refer to it as “Batman Forever: The Show” because, like Batman: Forever,… Read more

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Stone Cold Steve Austin’s 6 Best Interviews

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s iconic “Austin 3:16” interview, we’re counting down The Rattlesnake’s six most important speeches!

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Karate Kid 2, Eraser, Quake and Click – Jun 17-23

It’s the 30th anniversary of Daniel-san’s Okinawa adventures and My Little Pony’s theatrical debut, later we discuss Arnold’s erasing capabilities as well as Quake’s influence in 1996, and finally we Click on over to Adam Sandler’s attempted mix of comedy and sci-fi…

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Karate Kid on NES – Watch Us Play This Shit!

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Karate Kid Part 2, we’re playing through Daniel-san’s NES adventure that follows the events of his sequel. It’s one of the worst and most frustrating NES games ever, so come commiserate with us.

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Talking Simpsons – Lisa The Greek

Homer and Lisa connect over a love of football/gambling, thanks to Lisa’s predicting powers that even crossed over into the real world! All in this week’s Lock Of The Week podcast…

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Laser Time – 80s and 90s Superheroes

While the big comic book movies usually star superheroes that have been around before your grandpa, a few creations of our youth have made their mark, too. We run through every modern superhero that you should know!

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