Monday Night Movie – Hot Fuzz!

If you’ve got a gun, shoot it in the air and scream, because we’re watching and commentating over Pegg, Frost, and Wright’s ode to buddy cop movies with Hot Fuzz! Find out the details of our second Cornetto trilogy Monday… Read more

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Vidjagame Apocalypse 210 – Choose Pacifism

This week brings a storm of retro-styled games and revamped re-releases, but before we get to that, Michael Grimm joins us for a look at five games that let you choose paths of (relative) nonviolence, incapacitating and outwitting your enemies… Read more

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The 10 Best Ever Car Chases in Movies

Since neanderthals were airbrushing Camaros on cave walls, man has struggled to answer the question, “Which car chases are the sick-nastiest?” In the Laser Time mode, we’ve assembled a list with some stone cold classics and a few personal wildcards…. Read more

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It’s over! After seven months and 18 videos we’ve finally blown up the bad guys and jet ski’d our way to freedom. Tune in for the conclusion or watch the full playlist!

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