Action Horror Games: T Time Episode 10

With just a few short days until Halloween, it’s about time we talk about horror games on this show. But if we trade all the knives and hiding spots for guns and chase scenes, are they still scary?

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Laser Time – Horror Comedies

Why settle for just scaring viewers when you can make them chuckle, too? From Young Frankenstein to Ash vs. Evil Dead, we’re discussing the best in horror comedy!

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Monday Night Movie – Cube

The Patreon votes are in and it’s time for a wonderful high point in deconstructionist horror! Yes gamers, we’re watching the highly underrated 1997 gem, CUBE, this Monday at 6PM Pacific…

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Supernatural’s Best Monster Episodes

Saving people, hunting things, the family business… the Winchester brothers were raised by their father to hunt and kill the monstrous things that go bump in the night. Presented are my personal selections of fun standalone episodes, each featuring a… Read more

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13 Modern Frankenstein Monsters

The legend of the Frankenstein monster doesn’t stop with Mary Shelley’s novel. Here are 13 examples of the monster trend that keeps going.

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Vidjagame Apocalypse 186 – Horror Shoot-‘Em-Ups

As our month of spookiness continues, Heidi Kemps joins us to tackle one of our most bizarre subjects yet: SHMUPs (or shoot-’em-ups, or arcade-style shooting games) that ventured beyond familiar sci-fi trappings to confront something much darker than aliens and… Read more

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Laser Time

Quiplash 2 – The Beginning

For those not versed in the ways of Jackbox, Quiplash was the latest and greatest tool for being rewarded for saying horrible things in polite company from the makers of You Don’t Know Jack. This week it got a sequel,… Read more

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SPOOPSTREAM – Mr Bones Sings the Blues

Finally! Your CONSTANT requests for a game starring a blues-singing skeleton have been granted. Or rather, they were granted 20 years ago back in fall 1996. To honor Bones-san’s memory – and in celebration of Halloween – we’re gonna stream… Read more

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