Laser Time – Our 2017 Return!

We’re discussing trips home, scarce time with family, sad deaths during the break, and the copious amount of backlog games and movies we consumed over the break before we reveal our favorite gifts from our holidays.

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Laser Time – The Best Movies & TV of 2016

This epic-length Laser Time brings together Chris, Brett, Dave, and special guest Mike Grimm as the quartet discuss their favorite movies and TV show that saved 2016 from being an utter poopshow!

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Laser Time – Bonus Time Best of Bonanza!

Random nosebleeds, comical tales of construction gone wrong, outdoor pooing techniques, and a Jumper: Griffin’s Story preview are amongst the previously Patreon-exclusive clips we’ve collected and curated. Featuring 33% new content!

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Laser Time – Modern Christmas Masterpieces

From our current-day Christmas traditions to new shows and movies that stand up to the classics, we’re celebrating newer media that makes us warm and fuzzy. Also, we predict the final celebs who will die in 2016. Have fun!

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Laser Time – HATE Songs!

No more Mr. Nice Podcasters! This time, we’re doing away with guilty pleasures and running through songs that make our blood boil from pop punk to cheesy rap to butt rock. Join in and embrace the anger!

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Laser Time – The Best of Bonus Time

From the Yelper’s Special to slipping in bird poop in Reno, we discuss (and replay) some of the best bits of Laser Time’s Patreon-exclusive podcast. Featuring 25% new content!

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Laser Time – The Ultimate Late 90s Playlist

We have a semi-charmed kinda life with Jimmy Ray in a Miami gangtsa’s paradise as we listen to (and make fun of) the biggest hits of the late 90s, with special guest Greg Moore!

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Laser Time – Horror Comedies

Why settle for just scaring viewers when you can make them chuckle, too? From Young Frankenstein to Ash vs. Evil Dead, we’re discussing the best in horror comedy!

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Laser Time – Horror By The Numbers

Who has the most kills in a horror franchise? What’s the most profitable horror movie? What was the FIRST horror movie? We break down the stats and have spooky fun along the way!

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Laser Time – Craziest Crossovers Ever

Yeah, superheroes meeting is great, but what about the weirdness of Mickey Mouse amongst alcoholics and Hank Hill selling propane to a cosmic comic character? We discuss the craziest crossovers ever and quiz a Lego Dimensions developer on the game’s… Read more

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